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Noterly: simple reminders

Flutter Android

A simple notification-based reminder app for Android.


Noterly makes making reminders quick and easy. Either open the app, use the quick settings tile, or share text to Noterly.

Beautiful design

Noterly uses Material You, making it blend in seamlessly with other apps. Its theme changes to match your wallpaper, too!


Thanks to the community, Noterly is available in several languages, with more being added with every release.

Simpliplan: homework planner

Flutter Cross platform

A new way to organise your school life. Simpliplan provides an online and social way to share homework.


Sort your homework into subjects, and further categorise it with tags. Each subject is colour-coded to ensure maximum ease of use.


Create a group to get started. Invite your classmates, share some homework, and everyone can add it to their list.


Simpliplan is cross-platform. Add your homework on your phone, and manage it on your laptop. It's automatically synced to your account.

Platform Rush

Unity Android

An endless isometric platformer. Hop from platform to platform to stay alive, as the game gets faster and more intense!

Easy to play

Platform Rush has super simple controls so you'll be playing in seconds. Simply swipe in the direction you want to hop; that's it!

Unlock colour schemes

Unlock a variety of different colour schemes as you play. Buy them with in-game currency and unlock them with new high scores and by playing more games.


Compete with players around the world to get the highest score you can. The more you play, the better you'll become!

Dash Dodge

Unity Cross platform

A fast-paced platforming adventure. With a level editor and community level browser, enjoy a challenge at home or on-the-go.

Level builder

A fully-featured level builder enables you to create your own custom level however you like! Once you complete it, you can upload it for the world to play.


Play on-the-go with Dash Dodge for Android. Play all the same levels, plus test any levels you're working on from Dash Dodge for PC.


Play levels, win games, and collect gems all to boost your position on the leaderboard!

About me

I'm Tom, the solo developer behind TDS Studios. My goal is to create useful apps and entertaining games for you to download.